A trip to the Senckenberg Museum and Uni Campus Westend

A Day as an English tourist

On the 23rd of March 2023 our Cambridge class went on a trip to the Senckenberg Museum and Uni Campus Westend. Our Cambridge class met at Höchst Bahnhof at a quarter after twelve. There Mrs. Ganser introduced us to Hamed and told us that we had to pretend to be an English tourist group. Together we took the train to the museum at 12:40pm. While we were on the train Hamed talked to some of us. In the Museum Hamed wanted to talk with all of us, so we split up into groups. We asked him all kinds of questions for example about his life in America, and about the difference between life in America and in Germany. So, he made sure to talk with everyone. At half past two we met again and made our way to the Uni Campus Westend. On our way, we saw a flea market, so we decided to stop and look around. Then we went to the cafeteria at Uni campus Westend and bought food and talked a little. After we finished our food, we went outside, and we talked about the elections in America. He first asked us if we knew anything about how the elections take place in America. He then told us how the elections are held in America, he even showed us his election paper. It was interesting to speak English the whole day, and it was much fun and different than other school trips.


Written by Ilayda, 10A


Cambridge trip in Frankfurt

On 23th March 2023 our Cambridge class went on an excursion. With our guest from America, Hamed, we visited the Senkenberg museum and the university campus.

At 12:15 o` clock at noon we all met at Höchst Bahnhof. There we met Mrs. Ganser, Mrs. Plugge and of course Hamed. We all introduced ourselves in English to Hamed. From that moment on, we had to pretend to be American tourists. The S1 arrived at 12:40 o` clock at noon, and took us to Senkenberg museum.

On the way there, some students had already talked to Hamed. When we got there, we split us into smaller groups, Hamed chose the students he hadn´t spoken to. After 40 minutes we changed the groups, so everyone had the opportunity to talk to Hamed. We talked about different topics. On the one hand, we talked about personal information like hobbies, our family or even our future. However, there were also topics like, „living in America/Germany “.

At 2:30 p.m. we went to the Uni Campus by bus. When we arrived, we visited the outside and inside areas. On the campus, everyone could buy some snacks to eat. Most of the time we spent in the cafeteria. At the end of the trip Hamed presented us the ballot papers in America. He had mentioned advantages and disadvantages. At 4:15 p.m. all students were discharged; some also went back with the teachers. We had a pretty good day. First, it was a new experience to talk to someone from the United States. But what I liked most was that we only speak English. I also thought it was really nice that Hamed told so much about himself.


Written by Valeria 





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